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When I first heard One For My Baby it wasn’t by Frank Sinatra originally, it was by Robbie Williams. Upon hearing Robbie’s version I was instantly taken in by the lyrics of the song and what it actually meant. 

As with all the songs I gravitate towards I searched for sentimentality and romanticism that is sometimes lost on modern music. For me, this is a fantastic song about losing out on love and just basically being depressed about it. It’s hardly going to fill many, if any, dance floors but the lyrics have a direct relay ability that, I believe, anyone can resonate with. 

We’ve all loved and lost. Some more than once and some more than others. But love is a universal emotion and the despair and depression of a break-up was what I wanted to convey with my vocal on this track. 

I wanted the listener to actually feel like I was the one drinking with ‘Joe’ in a smokey bar with a pool table and an old jukebox hanging on the wall. That was my ambition with the song and I hope I’ve achieved that. 

One For My Baby is one of my proudest achievements thus far as a vocalist. 

Stream the track on Spotify here or Apple Music, here.

Charlie Sansom

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