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Have you noticed how Facebook Messenger has taken over the way we communicate?

I rarely send texts anymore thanks to WhatsApp and if I don’t have a number for a friend then I search them on Facebook and voila — we make contact! 🛎

This is the main reason why I want to distribute my music via Facebook Messenger. It’s direct, personal and accessible to over a BILLION PEOPLE all over the world! 🗺 🌍 

I’ve created this thing called a ChatBot. It’s basically a series of quick prompts that lives inside my Facebook Fan Page Messenger app and responds according to what you want. 😝

It’s not as empty as that sounds. I read EVERYTHING that goes to-and-from my account but for the purpose of speed and efficiency I’m now able to send you music the moment it’s available and the moment you ask for it — and we can have a chat too. 📲

When you start a conversation with my page you’ll be asked whether you’re interested in my new single or my upcoming music. If you are, simply hit the prompts and I’ll always be able to ping you tracks in the future. 🎧

Call it the modern day email subscriber list — just without all the spam! 😜

Interested? Send me a message now

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