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Oh yes!

I’m bringing you the MAMMOTH set I performed at Bournemouth 7’s this summer!

When I was originally asked to perform at this event which attracts 30,000+ revellers every year I was nervous to say the least.

Thoughts of fucking up a mix or playing a song that falls flat just littered my mind to the point where I didn’t actually compile my set until an hour before my actual performance.

I wanted it to feel organic and not too contrived – plus, some of my best mixes have all come from intuition on the job.

There’s nothing better than being able to pluck a song out of no-where that you know is just going to go off in the crowd and that’s really what I live for when I’m behind the decks.

If you want my Bournemouth 7’s Mix you’ll need to ping me a message on Facebook and I’ll add you to my Messenger subscribers. Leave a comment on this post to get the hook-up:

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