If you’re looking forward to getting married it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting to put-to-rest those pre-wedding jitters and worries that plague all momentous occasions.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the services provided at every event booked at CharlieSansom.com:

•Full state of the art sound & lighting equipment provided.

•Set-up, soundcheck & all other equipment sorted before guests arrive.

•Background music provided while guests arrive and during a meal/wedding breakfast.

•Wireless microphone provided for speeches and other announcements.

•First dance can be sung live or played via the original recording.

•Full Live Performance Singing Show – 1-2 hours. (Price varies)

•Party DJ until 1am – if you need longer, an additional cost may be added.

Interested in finding out more? Send a message via the Facebook Messenger button or send an email to: charlie@charliesansom.com

Other highlights:

✓THOUSANDS of live performances
✓HUNDREDS of weddings
✓10+ years experience
✓Songs on #Spotify & #AppleMusic
✓Over 350,000 streams around the world
✓3x appearances at a 30,000+ attended #festival